Photo: Predrag Trokicic

Photo: Predrag Trokicic

Teachers and associates of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy support protests of citizens of Serbia

We, the undersigned teachers and associates of the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, support the citizens’ protests all over Serbia.

Through our scientific research of individuals, and society as a whole, we recognize numerous signs of dictatorship in the government’s behavior:

The foundations of modern European democracies – political, economic, and cultural freedoms, have been taken away from the citizens of Serbia.

Institutions and the rule of law are suspended and general welfare subordinated to personal and party interests.

Democratic rights and the parliamentary system are ridiculed and society pushed into political violence by unnecessarily frequent elections and thousands of parliamentary amendments.

By using persecutions in the tabloids, threats, arrests, judiciary procedures and violence, they are trying to scare and humiliate citizens of Serbia.

The government refuses to answer the questions and demands of the citizens and its officials insult all those who dare ask questions or state different opinions.

By using propaganda, the government is trying to conceal the fact that, for the last five years, Serbia has been one of the slowest-growing economies in Europe, with only Albania and Macedonia lagging behind us in salaries.

The government is giving up on European accession and good neighborly relations, leading the country into international isolation.

As professionals in university education, we would like to stress the changes in the area of education and science:

Plagiarism and fake diplomas are destroying the education system.

The new legal framework is undermining the autonomy of the university, which creates an opportunity for political control.

The new draft law on science and research is threatening to chase young scientists out of universities and open the doors for them to leave the country.

Together with other citizens in protest, we know full well that a different, better Serbia than the one the government is systematically destroying, is possible.

Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, January 18th, 2019

Marija Bogdanović, professor emeritus
Sreten Vujović, retired professor
Miodrag Zec, retired professor
Đokica Jovanović, retired professor
Dragan Bulatović, retired professor
Milan Ristović, full professor
Radoš Ljušić, full professor
Nikola Samardžić, full professor
Dubravka Stojanović, full professor
Vlada Stanković, full professor
Vladimir Ilić, full professor
Milan Vukomanović, full professor
Ognjen Radonjić, full professor
Ivana Spasić, full professor
Nenad Makuljević, full professor
Saša Brajović, full professor
Senka Kovač, full professor
Danijel Sinani, full professor
Aleksandar Bošković, full professor
Dragan Popadić, full professor
Slobodan Marković, full professor
Tamara Džamonja Ignjatović, full professor
Goran Knežević, full professor
Tatjana Vukosavljević Gvozden, full professor
Mirosava Đurišić Bojanović, full professor
Biljana Stojković, full professor
Dejan Todorović, full professor
Živan Lazović, full professor
Milorad Stupar, full professor
Radovan Antonijević, full professor
Dragana Pavlović Breneselović, full professor
Živka Krnjaja, full professor
Branislava Knežić, full professor
Aleksandar Palavestra, full professor
Vesna Dimitrijević, full professor
Slobodan Perović, associate professor
Ivan Mladenović, associate professor
Ljiljana Radenović, associate professor
Radina Vučetić, associate professor
Jelena Mrgić, associate professor
Lidija R. Radulović, associate professor
Aleksandra Pejatović. associate professor
Katarina Popović, associate professor
Violeta Orlović Lovren, associate professor
Vera Spasenović, associate professor
Jelena Vranješević, associate professor
Kristinka Ovesni, associate professor
Ildiko Erdei, associate professor
Lidija B. Radulović, associate professor
Gordana Gorunović, associate professor
Miroslava Trajkovski, associate professor
Staša Babić, associate professor
Vera Vasiljević, associate professor
Jasna Vuković, associate professor
Dušica Filipović Đurđević, associate professor
Ana Altaras Dimitrijević, associate professor
Vera Rajović, associate professor
Ana Pešikan, associate professor
Danijela Petrović, associate professor
Ksenija Krstić, associate professor
Tinde Kovač Cerović, associate professor
Isidora Jarić, associate professor
Dušan Mojić, associate professor
Milan Popadić, associate professor
Jovo Bakić, assistant professor
Željka Manić, assistant professor
Oliver Tošković, assistant professor
Zoran Pavlović, assistant professor
Iris Žeželj, assistant professor
Biljana Stanković, assistant professor
Danka Purić, assistant professor
Olja Jovanović Milanović, assistant professor
Slobodanka Antić, assistant professor
Jelena Rafailović, assistant professor
Larisa Vilimonović, assistant professor
Aleksandra Zorić, assistant professor
Miloš Adžić, assistant professor
Eva Kamerer, assistant professor
Radmila Jovanović Kozlowski, assistant professor
Monika Jovanović, assistant professor
Ana Kostić Đekić, assistant professor
Milica Božić Marojević, assistant professor
Nikola Krstović, assistant professor
Milan Stančić, assistant professor
Lidija Miškeljin, assistant professor
Maja Maksimović, assistant professor
Aleksandar Tadić, assistant professor
Aleksandra Ilić Rajković, assistant professor
Zorica Šaljić, assistant professor
Tamara Nikolić, assistant professor
Jovan Miljković, assistant professor
Saša Dubljanin, assistant professor
Nina Vlahović, foreign language teacher
Irena Ćirović, teaching assistant
Aleksandar Bulajić, teaching assistant
Edisa Kecap, teaching assistant
Dubravka Mihajlović, teaching assistant
Ljiljana Lazarević, senior research associate
Kaja Damnjanović, research associate
Marina Videnović, research associate
Dragoljub Marjanović, research associate
Milena Repajić, assistant researcher
Milena Ulčar, assistant researcher
Marko Živanović, assistant researcher
Bojana Radujko, expert associate

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Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 21.01.2019.