Conspiracy theory, Blunt moms

Conspiracy theory, Blunt moms

Our fuse has become too long. How else could you begin to understand the torture we endure by a bunch of reporters who write by directive and in a kiss-ass manner, which is by default extremely boring. I „read“ the daily papers by flipping through the pages without pause. I get to the end and throw them in the garbage. I sometimes pause, appalled over the toxic content of the daily papers, as if they were edited by Mladic and Putin together. Besides toxic propaganda about the great Putin and „double criteria“ for the Serbs, anything that is of any interest to the public is covered with a thick veil of secrecy. Everything we want to know always ends up with a public prosecutor named Miljko Radisavljevic. And he’s not allowed to investigate any politically sensitive case without permission from the highest echelons of government. When they decide in advance that there won’t be an investigation, Miljko steps in to distract the public and cover the whole thing up.

And so, the unfortunate case of the military helicopter crash which killed seven people ended up on his desk. He got the case, but he’s incapable of investigating it, because his role, just like the role of the mysterious Zagorka Dolovac (she’s a state prosecutor) has long been destroyed by political orgies. He’s a prosecutor who’s not allowed to ask minister of defence Gasic or minister of health Loncar anything, let alone Vucic. He wouldn’t even think of that. Never mind the fact that we already knew everything about who and following which procedure gave the command to engage a military helicopter, even without Miljko. The prime minister assumed responsibility by saying replace me, because he knew that no one would dare to ask him anything. And so the whole thing came to the desk of life-saving Miljko Radisavljevic, where the truth will be buried, never to be found again. This has become a regular “procedure”. When you don’t know what to do, burry the truth into the deepest pit where it will remain forever. Miljko is our black box which will never be found. He didn’t even receive the case; they’re only pretending that he has it and that they’re waiting for him, because he will never deliver.

Fortunately, a system which works in all authoritative regimes has kicked in. Everybody knows everything, even though the secrets are kept strictly confidential. The more they keep them, the more we know everything! Nemtsov was killed in Russia and the fake murderers were immediately caught, but everyone knows who killed him. This paradox of autocracy is becoming more apparent in Serbia. But, while Putin manages to manufacture the “murderers” and arrest them in the blink of an eye, Serbia proves that it’s not capable of such activities. Our BIA is merely the KGB’s great grandchild. The regime can’t make up a story about the helicopter, so it was sent out into Miljko Radisavljevic’s black hole. Until he investigates the case, there won’t be another peep. Not even the president of the state is allowed to speak, even though he is the commander of the Serbian army and should know exactly what happened with the military helicopter. Only yesterday he was ordering war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic not to prosecute war criminals in Serbia, and now, even though he knows, and should know, he’s hiding everything about the helicopter from the public, until Miljko Radisavljevic allows him to speak! And we all know that Miljko is merely a gravedigger of the truth. If he’s told to bury the truth, no one can save it. If only he was in charge of the teachers’ strike, it would be minister of education Verbic’s dream come true. But, Miljko can’t do everything.

When topics like this are forbidden, when there’s no debate about anything, when everything important is kept secret, permissible topics very quickly become worn out. Anything that has to do with the EU has worn out, so their officials seem like some nuisances who only come here to earn their salaries. Not to mention the domestic issues. Nobody cares about the reconstruction of the government anymore, or who Zorana Mihajlovic is scolding, who cares whether Dacic remains in the government and who will be the vice presidents of his party, and who cares that someone is threatening to kill Vucic. And it’s become completely normal. Vucic is such a great and important man who criticizes all “powerful men”, that almost everyone wants him gone. It’s not only tycoon Miskovic anymore, Apis himself and his Black Hand have joined him! Just to spice things up a bit. In fortunate countries it’s not normal to constantly speak of an assassination of the highest authority; in Serbia it’s everyday fun. Apis himself has risen from the grave to chase Vucic and entertain us!

But, there is one serious thing about all this. Assassination is intentionally mixed with overthrow, as if it were the same thing. In France, all political factors have joined in to overthrow Hollande, just like in Britain, where everyone is preparing to overthrow Cameron. The republicans in the US have been trying to overthrow Obama for the last eight years. That’s not the case with Serbia. The one will rule forever, no one will overthrow him! That’s why he’s constantly being assassinated, in order to avoid being overthrown! Since we know what assassination looks like, let’s see about an overthrow.

A hundred people gathered together – that’s an overthrow. Well paid and fed battalions immediately rise to action to suffocate even the mere thought of Vucic out of power. I had the chance to see that for myself. Since I support rallies against the government by default, I went to the rally organized by the NGO Support and Defend. A couple of us swore to be there and, as it turned out, even though a lot of people promised to come, only a small group of us appeared in the end. Some of the organizers tried to make a speech, but there were no microphones and, in the end, we all stood by some protest signs and went home.

For me, that rally was like a mouse’s squeal, but the government heard a beast’s roar. Vucicevic kept screaming on TV Pink since the early morning about the enemies of the state, traitors and spies gathering to overthrow the government. Studio B, i.e. Studio Bot made a shameful “report” about that event using bots, i.e. SNS members who played the roles of random passersby. The cartoonist Marko Somborac drew the passersby/bots eating an entire loaf of bread instead of a famous paid protester’s sandwich.

When I saw the fuss that Vucic ordered because of this anonymous and small rally, I thought that if only there were a couple hundred more of us carrying the flags of the opposition, that would have been construed as a coup. I though “this is easier than it seems”! Yes, but the prevention is scary. We should only remember Miljko. That’s their biggest investment now, hence the tirades about assassination and overthrow. Hence the secrets and black boxes, although they also have another purpose. Don’t you dare to get any ideas! But someone always gets some idea. You can’t protect yourself from that.

Translated by Marijana Simic

Pešč, 03.04.2015.

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